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We ALWAYS reference tenants thoroughly

The most important thing when renting a property is finding the correct tenants. Most agents conduct basic tenant referencing. Others use 3rd party referencing companies as a way of distancing themselves from the problems when they occur.

We take a different approach. We do a credit check with a 3rd party company but we carry out detailed checks ourselves to ensure affordability, identity, proof of address.

The checks that we conduct to verify these details are absolutely robust and prevent fraudsters and weak applicants from slipping through the net. As a result our arrears rate is much lower than the industry average. According to LSL Property Services, rent arrears are running at 11%. We currently run at less than 1% rent arrears.

Rents paid on time, EVERY time

We process rent payments on a daily basis. Each day we process and pay out rents that were received the day before. This way you get your rent payments as quickly as possible upon collection.

On the occasions that tenants are late with payments we attempt to find out why and prevent it from occuring again.

We carry out regular inspections

We conduct regular property inspections so that you can be sure that your property is not being abused. We also check for any deterioration of the property is stopped before it becomes serious.

When problems do occur our in-house maintenance team is on hand to help put things right.

Zero Tolerance Arrears Policy

Even with the best referencing process arrears will occasionally occur. We work with tenants to resolve arrears problems before they get out of hand. We look for exit strategies and repayment plans to find the best solution to the situation.

In the unusual event that a tenant simply ignores all efforts to resolve the problem we take a hard legal line to evict and recover arrears through the court in the shortest possible time-frame and at minimum cost to yourself.

Experience 100% Committed Service

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Our experienced lettings and property management team are here to assist with any queries that you might have. We can offer advice and assistance with:

  • Rent reviews
  • Problem tenant advice
  • Rent arrears cases
  • Property renovation
  • and much more

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